Creating energy from a global problem

Planet Earth requires 100 million years to produce coal and 200 million years to produce oil and gas.

With zero emissions. Our technology does the same in 60 seconds.
Organic Material superheated in the absence of oxygen causing accelerated chemical decomposition.

This creates accelerated chemical decomposition. Material is changed at a molecular level.

Energy is liberated in the form of a gas leaving behind a sold Carbon Residue - This is Carbon Capture in its purest form.

This Carbon represents a reduction in physical volume of between 90-92%.

It reduces the organic element of the material stream by around 85% in weight.
All other advanced thermal processes combust oil or gas to create the initial process heat… Combustion equals Emissions.

Once operational, these processes combust the gases created by the process, to create the ongoing heat requirement... More Emissions.

These processes are then completely reliant upon the quality of the feed material in order to create the correct process conditions.

But the feed material is usually an inconsistent waste… Not a fuel ! The wrong process conditions produce the wrong end results and invariably more contaminants and more emissions.

Our technology uniquely uses electrical heating elements to provide the process heat. This enables us to create the perfect conditions regardless of the input material. Perfect every time!
It means we can process almost any organic material stream and turn it into a number of valuable products -- This includes Plastics.

A Renewable Gas with higher energy values than almost any other process. The Gas can produce substantial quantities of Electrical Energy.

By Adding Additional Processes We Can Produce High Quality Liquid Fuels - Zero Sulphur, Low Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuels. e.g. Automotive Diesel, Marine Diesel & Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Additional Phases Produce 'Green' Hydrogen suitable for use in Fuel Cells or a wide range of other applications : Note* The designation of 'colour' of Hydrogen is still very much in discussion by various International Regulatory bodies.

Renewable Heat provides opportunities for production of even more Electrical Energy, or Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Air Conditioning, Water De-Salination or District Heating Schemes.

Carbon Char offers a variety of Environmentally Beneficial commercial applications.

If Processing Waste, Gate Fees will be paid for every tonne received.

Our ability to capture CO2 means that we qualify for Carbon Credits.
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